Taipei County Public Health offering a special vaccine?

A friend told me that the Taipei County Public Health Center is offering a special vaccination for babies 2 years and onwards. This is suppose to be free and helps the babies fight the common cold. My friend was vague about the name of this vaccine.

Does anyone know more about this special vaccination? What is it? Should it be done yearly or just once?

My son is two and has finished all of the required vaccinations so I am a bit sceptical about this special vaccine.

There are a few optional (self paid) vaccines for kids in addition to the “free” mandatory ones, best ask at your local clinic/hospital.

No idea why this flagged up to me as new, just noticed the question was apparently asked 12 year ago…perhaps someone added the vaccines tag today.

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better late than never. Amirite @ping_ngoseng?

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