Taipei dead bar & club list

As I guess I was one of the first to arrive on this island , a list of the once popular clubs and bars that are now six feet under. I will start with three and rough dates when they were swinging

  1. Buffalo Town , club on the top floor of Linsen North Road. 1987
  2. TOP, small basement bar owned by Marco Roosevelt Road. 1988
  3. Whisky A Go Go, huge club with swimming pool. Near Keelung Road. 1990



Always sad when a grand place with a lot of colorful history goes under.

The @Marco?

God I loved Luxy, or at least the smaller room where the House DJs played. So many good nights.


Yes. Our very own Marco once ran a seedy little disco that was owned by hardcore gangsters.

The more you know :rofl:.

It was the death of the last good and fun night club. You could have equal fun going in solo or a with a few friends wondering around compared to bottle service at tables. Now the clubs have been so table/bottle service oriented with their layout.

Also changed the type of girls imo. You used to me able to roam and meet many down to earth girls that are easy to talk to around the bar and dance floor. Now they’re all stuck up wanting bottle service.


One does not speak of TOPS in this manner


We used to steal beers from the Seven upstairs and sneak them in.

We were bad hombres.

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This has to be one of the most depressing threads on this board :confused:

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Played a lot of pool there! I did dance a bit too, that’s fair.


-The Tavern, great outdoor area, good for watching football (both kinds)

-Plush - great view at the top of the living mall

-9% shady all you can drink bar but near where I lived

-Wax - another shady all you can drink bar


-Yima - always lots of trouble there.

-Room 5 - nights ended here, someone always got carried out


Bar 95 - pool tables, wings, burgers good times.

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You are The Marco?

Does anyone remember Night Owl? Run by a guy nick named “Shadow”?

How about a tiny bar on the top floor near Shan Dao temple station called Birdland owned by an interesting character called Ceasar. Sometimes it was free drinks sometimes way over pricing just a weird place.

1000% agree. Loved Luxy.

I met my wife there! Pre Shadow days though. Marco from Tops opened it, originally.

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Had many an interesting evening there :slight_smile: You always had to guess whether he would let you in or not :slight_smile: Amazing record collection. Someone on here was asking about him not too long ago.

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