Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Kuala Lumpur?

Hi all, Could someone please tell me the address/directions to the visa office in Kuala Lumpur… I would prefer to go there but am a bit nervous about getting lost! I have all the directions for Hong Kong but I dont really want to go there again. Any info including opening times would be gratefully received.

Its coming to me. Hang fire and I will try to remember for you. I was there not long ago. Have you been to Kual Lumpur before? If you are a little familiar I can give you directions.

Here we go:

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
9-01 Level 9 Amoda Building
22 Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur 55100

Telephone: (60-3) 242 5549/241 0015
Facsimile: (60-3) 242 3906

I know you can get off the monorail at Imbi Station. The monorail goes over the roads and is not an underground one. In Kuala Lumpur, they have three kinds of MRT-like systems which are all, in a very awkward and inconvenient fashion, interconnected. Some are underground while some are overground. Depending on where you stay, you will have to change to different lines and different systems in order to get to your destination. A pain in the arse for the novice.

My advice to you, though, is to get a taxi. The drivers speak English, if somewhat broken. Just write down the above address and hand it to the driver - he will know where to go.

When you get to the building, you will see a China Airlines travel office on the ground floor. Just near there, there is a security guard. Ask him to point you in the right direction.

The visa office handles the usual visa stuff, just like in Hong Kong. Get there early, though. In Hong Kong, you have until 3pm to apply for collections the next day. in KL, you have until 12pm. I suggest you get there before 9. they are cosed on Saturdays. Collections may not be the next day; most are the day after next, so be prepared to spend a few days there.

Stuff in KL is quite chep and food is plentiful but usually spicy.

Hope this helps,

Have a nice trip!