Taipei Free Wifi (anywhere I could skype for 1.5 hours?)

Rather inconveniently, I return to Taiwan Saturday morning and am schedule to be part of a conference in the US where I am to “skype in” for their Saturday morning/Taipei Saturday night.

We’re coming back after a while away and won’t have our own internet yet or activated phones. I’ve sent them a narrated ppt and warned them I just may flat up not be available, but I’m curious downtown if there’s anywhere that would let me do this. Do libraries leave wifi open? Is my best best Starbucks/Ikari? Something else? I don’t think Taipei free wifi will be strong enough and I probably can’t figure out how to buy wifi credit without having a phone number or email account.

It’s like 9:30-11:30 pm at night, so I don’t want to bug my one nearby friend.

Some convenience stores. Table and chairs maybe a good indicator. Some even have separate levels on second level or basement.

Coworking spots open all night like Qtime chain easy to find on Google Maps.

This is a big help–I’d never heard of Qtime but there’s one a 15 minute walk from where I live. Tango42, can you share a little on how easy/hard it would be to get time at a place like that?

There’s an Rs休閒概念館 even closer but looks like it got iffy reviews. Do you think skype would be okay? I’ve curiously never been to an internet cafe in Taipei, so not totally sure what to expect.

Mos Burger.

Hmmm… there’s a Mos like 5 minutes away but I don’t think it has wifi?

A couple years ago, last time I was in Taipei, I picked up a 1-week SIM card and used my phone as a hot spot for my laptop. It worked fine and I was able to log into out company VPN. Maybe not as good as wifi, but could be a back-up plan. If you go that route, it seems like you can reserve a card ahead of time. I just can’t find the right web site at the moment.

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Good idea.

CHT, FarEastone and Taiwan Mobile all sell SIM cards at Taouyuan Airport. Can buy one week.
If closed because you arrive too early, then go to Sungshan Airport later in day where CHT has counter. Just need to show passport to buy a SIM card for a week.

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Just a quick follow up to say I went with the local internet cafe, which I’d kind of forgotten was a thing.

It was good! The person nearby was watching cat videos. You can get tea or noodles. The only thing I missed was the computer didn’t have a camera so it was audio only (although they had decent headphones with mic).

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