Taipei hairdresser that can deal with curly hair?

Hey. I desperately need to get a haircut, but my hair is kind of curly and last time I tried to cut it here they made me straighten my hair first and than cut it, you DON’T want to imagine the result. Chinese is not a problem, but it needs to be someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m in Taipei.Thanks!

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Go to George Pais in Tienmu, Taipei. Take ChungShan North Road up to Section 7, and turn right onto Tienmu E. Road (shortly after passing Taipei American School on your right) and keep your eyes peeled for the underwhelming shop. You’ll pay a bit more, and you won’t get a good massage, but the place is always full of foreign women getting their hair done. If anyone can handle curly hair, they can. Closed on Mondays.

Check out Eddie at . He is probably one of the most skilled here in Taiwan at working with foreign types of hair as he has years of experience working in London and other parts of the world. He speaks English too which helps.

The Aveda salons are usually quite good, too. I don’t know where they are in Taipei as I used to go to one in Kaohsiung, but I would imagine they would be located in one of the major department stores. I have curly hair too that I blowdry straight a majority of the time, and they were able to give me cuts where I could wear my hair either curly or straight and either way looked good. I thought that was quite an accomplishment! :notworthy:

One thing the hairdressers love to do in Taiwan is raczor your hair to thin it out, using scissor edges or a raczor itself. On curly hair it looks a mess. I had my share of bad haircuts for five years there until I found Aveda! Now, I am going through the same problem in the UAE!!! :frowning:

I went to Eddie and he does a good job indeed, so thanks!

Paul at Q-Britannia in Tien Mu… He’s English, and has been doing hair & teaching over 30 yrs…

Tel: 28751035 closed Sun/Mon open 10am - 6pm.

[quote=“Candlelight”]Paul at Q-Britannia in Tianmu… He’s English, and has been doing hair & teaching over 30 yrs…

Tel: 28751035 closed Sun/Mon open 10am - 6pm.[/quote]

He’s moved, to #29, 1st, Fl. Tien Mu East Rd. Ln. 69 Tien Mu

tel. 28768751

Yup, Aveda for me.

Yeah, Sure!

But what about the TIP?!

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Can anyone refer me to an english-speaking hairdresser in Taipei that knows how to work with curly hair? Personal experience would be the best recommendation.
e-mail with any leads
Thanks so much!

Does anyone out there know of any good hairderessers that can speak english. I have naturally curly hair,I am worried that most salons wont know what to do with all these curls.I am scared to go to some random place.

Give Diane a try. She knows curly hair. She has several satisifed customers here on these boards. She speaks good English (and good Swedish, too), lived in the US for a year or so and worked in Europe for several years, so she knows western hair and hair styles. She also worked in Hong Kong for a short time.

She’s conveniently located in the middle of Taipei, a short walk behind SOGO towards Civic Blvd. By MRT, get off at the Zhongxiao/Fuxing station on the blue line, taking the SOGO exit (4). When you get out, walk in the direction of Dunhua for about a hundred meters until you hit Da’an Rd. Turn left on Da’an towards Civic Blvd. Pass a 7-11 on your right hand side. The last lane on your right before you get to the Family Mart convenience store is lane 31. Turn right into that lane and you’ll find Diane about a hundred meters down, on your left hand side just after the intersection. A Google map:,121.546329&spn=0.004539,0.00825&z=18

Phone: 2778 4733
Address: Da’an Rd., Sec. 1, Ln. 31, No. 31, 2Fl.

Give her a call, as she works exclusively on appointment. She’s open till 9pm Wednesday through Sunday and has Mondays and Tuesdays off.

As mentioned above, this is a FANTASTIC place!

Mix & Match Hair Salon
Eddie Tham
Zhongxiao E. Road Section 3 #285 3rd Floor (across the street from Green Sogo)

I usually find getting my hair done quite stressful, but Eddie was lovely, listened, spoke wonderful English and gave me the best haircut I’ve ever had! In addition, he dyed it from dark brown to blond (while keeping it healthy)- an impressive feat anywhere in the world!

Hi. Ellis here. I have worked as a hairstylist and colorist for the past 18 years. Please check my blog for information.