Taipei-Hsinchu Commute


I am considering purchasing a motorcycle to potentially go around Taipei and Hsinchu (maybe commute from one to the other sometimes).

I am trying to figure on what road we can ride a motorcycle in Taiwan. I read somewhere that 550cc+ bikes can go on expressways, (at least was the case for some time), but I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

Is there such a thing? and if yes on what road?

What’s the lower engine displacement limit to ride on expressways if any? (trying to figure out if is worth purchasing a bigger bike for that reason, otherwise, I might just go for a ~300cc).


Motorcycles cannot go on the national highways. But there aren’t any expressways from Hsinchu to Taipei.

Would recommend a car.

Expressways are yellow and red licence plates.


Take the train to commute from Taipei to hsinchu

A moto as a commuter is not a good idea
Northern Taiwan rains a lot

Wet roads make motos even more dangerous

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I got an offer to work in Hsinchu Sience Park, but at the moment I live in Taipei (Xingtian temple area). In the long run, I’ll likely relocate there, but will have to pass my probation period first though…

I am wondering what’s the best way to commute from Taipei to there in the meantime?

There is HSR train from Taipei main station to Zhubei, but not sure if that would be a good idea (since Zhubei is still quite a ride from Science park, which is in Hsinchu East Area).

Would love any insider knowledge

The cheapest way is to take the bus from 市政府 to 新竹. It’s only a hundred or so TWD. I’ve done the trip a few times to save some cash. It takes two hours though.

Get on the bus and get off at the first stop in Hsinchu (can’t remember if it was NCTU or NTHU). Its 110NTD and takes 70-ish minutes from Taipei main station.

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Bus? hum, can’t do work in the bus…

any train option?

These are more like those tourist buses, the drivers aren’t so crazy, you can do some work on the highway

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jogging! its about a full marathon each way. when you get bettar at it, about 150 minutes!


The bus is the fastest way

Hi. @goutnet. One topic is enough about your commute between Taipei and Hsinchu. Thanks!

except the first wasn’t about that, but rather a generic information on motorcycle :slight_smile:

You sure can. I used to commute several times a month between Hsinchu and Taipei, and the buses are comfy enough to work.

Guess I’m going to give the bus a try next time then, is there any website listing bus routes so I can find the closest starting point from my place?

I might buy an hsr pass and two cheap scooters. I’d drive one from your place in Taipei, then park at the train station in Taipei. Take hsr to Zhubei (10-11 minute trip), where the second is kept. Scooter to the science park from the parking lot. Do it all in reverse when going back to Taipei. Once you move to Hsinchu, sell the scooter in Taipei.

It’s not exactly fun in rush hour traffic, but it’s doable - and probably unavoidable anyway.


Reminds me of when I’m working near Oakland airport and I live near concord airport

I think it will be great if I had an S R 22 cirrus

To fly those two airports and leave one clunker at each FBO

But alas I don’t have that 500k plane and I don’t have a license either

And it would actually take longer as the drive is only about 35 mins each way when not in rush hour

But I’d sure build up hours

Sorry for the daydream thread drift
But the two scoots and the train is a great idea

Could also use the share scooters right?

The best thing that remains for you to do is move to Hsinchu or Zhunan. The cheapest way you can commute by train to Hsinchu is to ride the commuter train for 95 minutes one way.

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Leave a cheap scooter near Hscinchu THSR station, and after getting to Hsinchu on High Speed Rail, ride your scooter to the office. It’s the only sane way to commute.