Taipei lane numbers

Anyone know what the system is for naming lanes in Taipei? I was trying to pick a 7-11 for delivery, and it’s hard to guesstimate where they are by their address. I did figure out the section 1, section 2, etc, but lane numbers I have no idea.

It’s based on the building address that would be at that location.

You’re quick.
Not sure what you mean. Like do the lane numbers go up from west to east, or north to south, or anything like that? I don’t see any rhyme or reason to them.

They go the same way the addresses go. If there was a building where Dunhua S Rd Sec. 1 Lane 190 is, for example, it would be at 190 Dunhua S. Rd. Sec 1. More or less 192 Dunhua S. Rd. Sec 1. should be on one corner and 188 Dunhua S. Rd. Sec 1. on the other.

haha I’m kinda lost still

In most cities if you’re on 2nd st then 1st street is to your south (for example) and 3rd st to your north, so given any address you know at least how far north/south it is.

Can someone draw a diagram on a virtual napkin? ha

But be careful as sometimes a lane number can start at both ends of a lane and having another streetname halfway through. And Tianmu is a disaster at places at Zhongshan rd sec.7 higher up.

To be fair, that’s literally just counting, no?

And don’t forget there is also the alley number

well, from a quick glance I can see that they go from 1 in Ximen and increase as you go east. And the dividing line between sections is pretty obvious (mrt / major roads). So now I know roughly how far east/west something is now by the section, and I didn’t before

Normally, mostly north is above Zhongxiao, south below. East is after Zhongshan, west before, direction river. But some roads differ for a reason I don’t get, because it messes up a logicla system (welcome to Taiwan)

It depends on the orientation of the street here. For example in a “South” avenue like Dunhua S. Rd, the address and section numbers increase as it proceeds south.

ah I do see now how the lane numbers increase/decrease north/south but since they’re numbered based on the major road they (roughly) come off of, the numbering of two different streets’ lanes can’t be compared in any way. So in between lanes 135 and 140 of one road may be a lane 12 of another road, running parallel to each other.


Yup, exactly. And yes, it gets confusing.

The fact that Zhongshan is the dividing line between all the east roads and the west roads shows how Taipei has expanded eastward over the decades. Fifty years ago, Zhongshan was smack in the middle of the city. Everything east of Xinsheng was hinterland. But now, Fuxing or even Dunhua is more the central axis of Taipei.

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I guess whatever I had thought about Section numbers isn’t entirely true. I thought it was as simple as 1 is in the west (eg Ximen) and it increases as you go east (eg 5 in Xinyi) but…


Surprised there’s no maps or anything that outline the sections and other naming conventions. How did people manage before GPS?..

Relax, even taxi drivers are confused sometimes.

Anhe Road is north-south. Xinyi is east-west.