Taipei Language Exchange(第4回&Board Game)_12 / 3 (Sun)_

Welcome to share the event info/歡迎分享活動。
As the number of our international friends are less comparing to native Taiwanese people, in order to balance the guest numbers, internationals have the priority to sign up the event。
※Please press the attend bottom on the page to confirm your attendance。
※Feel free to come during the event。
※Email sign up is also valid. Please use the following email address to contact。
※Please do come if you had signed up the event。
Please come join us to enjoy the event(^O^)/
Catcat Board Game Cafe/ Catcat桌遊咖啡屋
Address:1F No. 8 Lane 171 Minsheng E. Rd Taipei/台北市民生西路171巷8號1F
Transportation:MRT Dansui Line Shuanglian Station Exit 2、Turn right, 5 min walking distance (400m)
【Fees&vacancies&time&Food and drinks】
Fees:Non-student $300, Student $250 (you will need to show valid student ID)
Time:2017 / 12 / 3 (Sun)19:00~22:00
Food and drinks:Drinks, Beer, Snacks, Pop corn will be provided
※You can order meal menu at the counter。
【Event schedule】
19:30~21:30—Free talking& Board Game
21:30~22:00—The end& photograph time for all
※There is “Ningxia Night Market” nearby you can visit after the activity。

Hi, I’m new in town: a 1990’s refugee from Australia :robot:

I’ll be studying 普通话 in Taipei for the next 3 months…would love to attend this event and meet some new folks! - but i don’t have a facebook…

okay.wellocame to join ^^

This weekend😉