Taipei - least popular posting?


It seems to me that there is a very large section of the expatriate community here that simply would prefer to live some place else. For whatever reason (usually career) they remain - counting the days…

I think even the most pro-Taiwan types would have to admit that there is a very significant group that feels this way. I never saw this in other Asian counties, where this group was a small minority, even among the foreign community. Is it the same reason that hardly any western tourists (not business travellers) come here? You don’t seem to hear these complaints from people living in Tokyo, KL, Shanghai, or Bangkok…


Look out the window… there’s your answer!


c’mon lets not go here AGAIN… Non-Teacher and their Taiwan-hating mates flogged this topic last year. Lets let it die - some people who have no desire to learn a little, relax - hate the place whereas people who take the time to get to know the place like it. simple. there was a thread here with a topic along the lines of ‘great places in taiwan’… it ended up being pretty thin basically because those who know dont want the lazy folk to find out. my fave place is - sun moon lake. if you can beare the trip to and from it is a brilliant weekend getaway. but no there arent any 5-star hotels (yet) and no one there to lick your azz.


hi ho hum,

Where is this Sun Moon Lake your talking about. I would like to get out of town for this vacation.

Taipei can be depressing, cause people are just worried about working, everybody in a rush, but hey… getting to Hualien may give other impressions.



I just moved from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei and so far so good. Sure, Taipei isn’t the most beatiful city in the world (well, not even close really) and bears no comparision to KL, but I do like the place so far. It’s a bit like Bangkok, messy, crowded and polluted but not as bad.

Perhaps I (still) like it because it’s all new to me, so ask me again in a few months down the road.

KL seems to be the paradise for the expat but I stayed their for nearly 7 years and just good fed up with it, mainly due to the way people drive, catching myself to take on some really bad habits there and making use of the fact that I had a big car (4WD).
No such problem here because now I drive an even bigger car: the bus.


Hi Rascal,
What kind of work were you doing in KL?


I just Thank God I’m out of that sh1t hole! I suggest to fscking nuke that damn island wanna-be country into the ocean.

Feel so good now!


If we don’t run off into a complaint-fest, it could be interesting to hear comparisons from folks who’ve spent a significant amount of time in various places.


oooo000OOO… You’re already sorely missed by the poor suckers left behind here.

The departure of your rapier wit and great good humour has left us bereft, adrift on a sea of loneliness.

I weep to think of what is to become of us now that you have gone.


serendipity, I do work as an engineer in the telecoms sector. Have been with a big international company there, now work for a small Taiwanese company, basically doing the same thing as before …


To the original poster.

I was in Beijing/Shanghai about 10 years ago and it blew ass. I nearly had a total melt down. Then I came to Taiwan and was instantly enamored by it.

I don’t recall meeting anybody that could honestly say they were comfortable living in China at that time.

I’ve been to Tokyo several times. Got mixed reviews from the expats I met. Personally, I wouldn’t relocate there for a penthouse and a well stocked geisha harem to rub me.

You must have been living amongst heavily sedated travelers never to hear gripes.