Taipei mayor calls for higher retirement age

Ko Wen Je proposes that we should make the old people work longer.

Hmm… I dunno, Instead of letting the market fix itself, he wants to keep old people in their positions in the face of a ‘labour shortage’ instead of letting younger people finally take higher salaries and have these companies compete for us.


Does taiwan legally not allow people after retirement age not to work?

I would say extend the allowable age for driving and certain things. But dont fuck with making pensions available at a later age. People should always be allowed to work, drive etc after certain ages so long as they are deemed fit.

Happened in the UK my state pension retirment age has been extended to 67 born 1963 my Son born 1990 possibly be 70 before he receives his.
Personally I feel it’s a real kick in the nuts and bang out of order was Goverments fault for not predicting seeing was going to happen in the future or did they?
Female pension age was 60 now same as Men.
So let that be a precident for other Countries to follow suit.

What is social security like in Taiwan. In the US it is a Ponzi scheme, so measures like this or simply lowering payments, are necessary.

Same in Ireland and many countries.
Japan does compulsory retirement but then many hang on for another two or three years on some kind of government schemes.

Screw all that. I planned everything myself so I can retire whenever I want and not have to rely on the government for anything. This is why.

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I’ll get a govt pension both here and in my home country if I play my cards right.

Sucks to be you .:grin:

Fcuk that…I’m retiring early!

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Better yet, let other people make money for you after you retire.

You have your cake after you’ve eaten it then.

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Is that why some people have kids?

lol, I would classify those as high risk investments.

Well, I’m a cow, so that does make sense.

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I have retired, I live off my personal pension and house rental from UK.
I have to carry on paying my Class 2 National Insurance to HMRC UK to claim FULL State pension at 67 years old. I can stop paying and still receive from age 67 but reduced amount, only another 11 years to go!

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Yep, they kick you out at 65.

Plus just today I noticed my contract states that I swear by the new gods and the old that I am not retired.

Be aware that a UK state pension won’t increase if you’re an expat.

Good for 5 years non UK resident after that it no increase, but still have to wait until 67 to get.

Trying to keep the pension Ponzi scam going?

Not allowing people to work past, say 65, is bullshit. Thats a personal choice. Unless your country knows something the rest of us dont and have figured out all kinds of medical miracles and freely hand them out to all their citizens, then increasing the age one can collect pension is also bullshit. Quite frankly, many govs ave been teating the population like lab rats for a while. It would be fair if such folks stopped paying taxes in protest, the bastids.

This kind of government failure is why people tend to want to run their oqn business and have more control over their freedom and future. Then people winder wuy, after decades, all these self employed dudes that are rich as shit now are also jaded as all hell and only in it for No. 1. Bad cycle.