Taipei Metropolitan Park (臺北都會公園) - how is it?

How is the Taipei Metropolitan Park in San Chong?

I see they have music festivals. Where in the park do they hold the festival?

Creamfields music festival with The Chainsmokers and others is coming up.

New Taipei Metropolitan Park
Section 1, Shuhong East Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City

I used to think the park was a convenient shortcut for my bike ride from southern Taipei to Bali. (It is if you look at a map.) But since cars also drive through the park, the bike path is chopped up by traffic lights, which are annoying. The new bike bridge that bisects the park down the middle is nice, even though it just leads from one embankment to the other. Any public events will likely be held in the open area in front of the MRT station.

its nice. it has a burger king. most river parks don’t have anything but this one has a cycle through burger king. crazy.

The Burger King is no more. :disappointed:

BIG loss!