Taipei Night Markets

Hi Guys, Will be in Taipei for 5 days and wanted to know which are the Night Markets I should visit while I’m there? Thanks for your insight!

Shida (remnants)
Yilan, whatever that one is called
Hualien is not bad

In Taipei: Raohe, Liaoning, Ningxia, Shida, Keelung. Shilin if you have to because it’s famous.

For tourists my number one recommendation for Taipei city would be: Snake Alley, Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market 華西街觀光夜市 (near Longshan Temple MRT station). I think the Raohe street night market 饒河街觀光夜市 (near Songshan train station) would be a good second pick. Shilin might be the most popular, but it doesn’t offer as good of a night market experience as it used to, imo.

Huaxi gives me the creeps.

That’s why it’s a must-see.

Shida? Even in it’s hey day it was nothing more than night market lite. Even the stinky tofu doesn’t stink.

At least Huaxi has live snakes, pictures of diseased penises and cures for the same, buckets of frogs ready to eat, prostitutes and sex toys: all kinds of stuff that tourists want to see, if not experience.

Shi fukin’ da :roflmao:

Ningxia for best food imho.

I like Raohe for interesting food variety, shopping, a nice traditional temple, and two minute walk to the bridge across the river with beautiful views of city and river with background music. Can rent a bike and go for a ride. Then two blocks to wufenpu for serious clothes shopping.

Tunghua is moving up and maybe reaching second.

Keelung for food and hill top temple.

Snake alley for the tourist experience and long Shan temple.

Shilin? No way.

Raohe is by far my favorite. It seems to be the major night market that’s suffered the least from the destructive whims of overzealous urban planners.