Taipei Real Estate Prices Map


As per title, courtesy of Taipei City Government.

[quote]The department stated that the public can go to its website in Chinese ( and click on “Land Topics” on the side menu, and then on the “Land Price and Current Value” tab. When that page opens, select “Map of Land Prices by Location.” One can then browse through the land prices in each district and understand the current announced land value. The map also makes it easy to see the state of development of commercial areas within each part of the city. The highest priced land is marked in purple, while the lowest is in deep green.

To further understand the current state of the real estate market, one can go to the “Land Value Inquiry Services System” and enter the address of a specific place. In addition to gaining access to all the land price data on that plot, the viewer will be able to clearly see where the plot is in relation to the rest of the map.

Another option is to click on “Real Estate Transaction Price Data” and then input the address of a specific home or apartment. The user will be able to see all the transaction prices for that home based on data collected by the department on a monthly basis. Other information on the apartment to be displayed includes the materials used in building the structure and zoning issues

Link to map: … 171271.pdf

To find out real estate prices:

Whole island:

For us foreigners:

Source: … &mp=111001


Very useful, thanks!

Has anyone been able to get the plug-in to work on this one?
I tried several different browsers without success.


Any new information on land prices? Or link similar to the map that is dated now?


The price list looks updated, even though the last news update was in August last year.


If I am reading the Chinese correctly, … 171271.pdf refers to prices in 1999? Is there anything more recent? Or does my Chinese just suck?


I think the 99 might refer to the 民國 calendar which starts with the fall of the Qing in 1912…meaning 民國99 is 2011. Either that or, yeah, its old!


Interesting. Now, banks just need to be better at giving foreigners mortgages and I’m good to go for buying real estate.