Taipei resources

I was wondering if any of you Taiwan experts can possibly volunteer and write a brief letter about Taipei’s available library research facilities. (and are there any business/entrepreneur organizations that I can join?) This will help give support for the feasibility of my research project in Taipei (it’s on entrepreneurship). If there are any entrepreneurs out there, I would really appreciate your help. If I end up in Taipei, I can buy you a nice dinner - or I’m soon getting a gmail account, I don’t really know how it works, but maybe I can pass on a gmail invite to someone…

Hi eliza, I can’t help you on the library resources, sorry. As for the entrepreneurship issue, there’s a few hi-tech organizations you can contact. They’re quite active in promoting US-Taiwan/Asia-Pac entrepreneurs:

  1. SVASE - Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs
  2. Monte Jade - they have an Asian American group called MJAA
  3. TAITA SV - Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Industrial Technology Association
  4. NATEA SV - North America Taiwanese Engineers’ Association Silicon Valley
  5. US-Taiwan Business Council
  6. Taiwan Biotech East - Taiwan’s biotech industry is growing and this organization can help you find entrepreneurs.
  7. CASPA - Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association

Thanks for the list. I’ll see if I can make some contacts. hope it’s not too late to secure a letter. Actually my main interest is to study chinese but for this grant I also need to do a “project” in order to qualify… can’t belief I’m still interested in Taiwan after reading all the comments about women in this forum!