Taipei RPG group looking for player(s)

Hello! We are a group of RPG players looking for a player or two to join us in our upcoming Starfinder one shot. New players welcome!

Our DM is awesome and he preps a lot to create immersion such as using projectors and music to set the tones, so as long as you enjoy the storytelling aspect of RPG games you should be set!

The game will take place on 7/5, probably in the afternoon. Pm me or leave a message if you are interested!


Do you have a Facebook group page or a page or something? I’d love to join you guys in the future, but I can’t do so any time soon.

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Does one have to have played Starfinder or other RPGs before to join?

Not at all! We are going to be learning Starfinder as well, we just finished a 5 month campaign in Dnd 5e so the DM wanted to try something different.



new to the forum and a bit late to the post.
You guys still searching for players?