Taipei Summer Computer Show 8/1~8/5


I have to admit, the Multimedia Show earlier in July was really bad. But the Summer Computer show is coming up on 8/1 to 8/5 from 9am until 7pm. This time, it’s the WHOLE TWTC floor and a Linux and Security exhibition on the 2nd floor. Admission is 200nt but if you’re looking to buy stuff, it’s well worth it.

I just dropped by there today and if you’re looking for deals (and have good command of Chinese), it’s not too bad.

A few suggestions:

-It seems that a lot of the “salespeople” are students…and they don’t know much at all.
-Avoid going near the online gaming vendors, you won’t be able to squeeze past the crowds.
-It’s REALLY loud near some of the booths and pretty loud in most of the place. If you’re going to make a cell phone call, try the bathroom =)

What sort of deals ? Selling stuff cheap ? what sort of stuff ? how cheap ?

Just came back from there. One word: HUGE.

Got a CD-RW, Liteon 40x (gonna overclock it to 48x), for NT.2400, logitech internet keyboard for NT.940, some games and headphones and bits.

Got my eyes set on a case with plexi-glass sides and some neon tubes in 'em, ooga ooga!!

Look around before buying something, 'cause the prices do vary alot. Saw 1 dude selling the same CD-RW for NT.3200. Bargaining doesn’t hurt either.

Also, they have a free bus service running from exit #2 at Taipei City hall Station, neat.

Thanks for the tip. I got a GeForce 4 4200 there for $4000