Taipei Techno, Trance, House, Metal, Rock clubs&music shops?

I’m looking for smaller clubs or music shops in Taipei, specializing in electronic music (techno, house, trance).
I’ve read a short article from 2003 about the Taipei techno scene, three clubs called “TeXound” (also later known as “ageHa”) and “The Face” were mentioned, but they both seem to have closed since.

I’m also looking for clubs or pubs or music shops specializing in heavy metal and hard rock music.
So far I know about The Wall and the Velvet Underground Live House. Is there anything else, maybe catering to even heavier music?

The Eslite music shops are good for a look around for electronic/avant garde/indie/metal etc. The city hall one and the one at dunhua/anhe.

For metal records you can check out Jason’s Records

And there’s also Metal Gate

For some really heavy stuff a buddy of mine runs a small distro called Fat Tub of Lard Records

Cool, thank you guys!

Go online… it’s really the only way to get the most selection. Otherwise it’s slim pickings here.

Is there still an underground metal/rock shop near The Wall?

They’re still there but that was two years ago.