Taipei Theme Tour|Dadaocheng: Tea, Fabric, and the Classic Taipei

Fancy a cup of tea in the old town of Taipei city? Come join Like It Formosa’s theme tour, and find yourself stunned by the greatness of all time!

Dadaocheng, one of the most prosperous cities in the 20th century Taiwan, was the origin of Taiwanese tea export industry and the fabric trading business. Today, it has changed into a creative hub where traditions clash with innovations. While the old buildings give you a vibe from the 1920s, the cool stuffs displayed in designer shops reveal the modern part of our culture. You can imagine that underneath the veil of these trendy shops and cafes, the richest culture and history from the city’s golden age are hidden within.

In this tour, you will
● Get to know more about this charming area
● Learn more about tea in a delicate tea house
● Enjoy a set of Taiwanese style afternoon tea (price included)
● Receive a DIY package for a Taiwanese traditional bag (price included)

Doesn’t it sound great? Sign up and join us to explore the one of the kind Dadaocheng!

WHEN: 14:00 - 17:00, May 21st, 2016
WHERE: Meet up @ Exit2, MRT Beimen Station

  • Prior online registration: NT$700
  • On-site registration: NT$800

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