Taipei Times-Youth Central page 13 Friday April 4 2003

This is a letter we wrote to the Taipei Times. If you have the above mentioned article please read it. It is about penis sizes, premature ejeculation, and how to make a woman orgasm. I encourage you to help us stir some SH%T! The article was on the FRONT page of the Youth Section…
Taipei Times-Youth Central page 13 Friday April 4 2003

To Whom It May Concern,
After reading the article “More Fallacies about Phallus Size”, by Leslie Kenny we were discussed. We cannot believe that you would put an article like this in a section for children. This article would obviously be more appropriate somewhere else! The article was beside “Children’s Corner” which is written by elementary school children. As English teachers in Taiwan who often suggests children to read this paper we are thoroughly embarrassed and repulsed.
We would like to know what you were thinking when you decided it was appropriate to print this article in this part of the paper.

oops I made spelling mistake, darn

Are you serious, or were you just having a laugh?


Well, did you call? Did you get an explaination?

This is, of course, not the first time the Taipei Times has published questionable material in the bilingual section. They just concluded a three-part series on the joys of masturbation. For the life of me I cannot fathom how the features editor could approve of publishing adult content in a part of the newspaper which is clearly geared toward minors or “youths” (as the section title would suggest).
The person in charge of this project is without doubt incompetent, but the fact that these indiscretions invovle material of a sexual nature would suggest that he needs psychiatric treatment.

I completely disagree. It seems to me that young Taiwanese don’t get nearly enough information about sex (I mean proper educational, scientific information). I think it’s entirely appropriate and useful to have this kind of information in the youth section of the paper.


We emailed the bloke and are waiting for a reply. I agree that “youth” should be educated about sex…but…to have the article so close to the “Childrens Corner” is too much. They should decide who their target audience is and edit the paper accordingly.
At first when I read the article, I was “What the stupid Taiwanese is going on here?” then, “Who is this article for?”, and finally, “Geez. Let’s cause some sh*t and see what happens!”

Well, I figure that anyone who can understand what they’re reading about sex, is old enough to get the information they need about it. I read the one you’re talking about and it was good useful information for young boys worried about dick size.


Oh no, no. It’s rather bored foreigners having a laugh I strongly suspect.