Taipei VS Taichung - price differences

How can prices in bars and restaurants in Taipei be so wildly more expensive than prices in Taichung? I am frequently amazed at how expensive Taipei is for dining. Last week in Tienmu I paid a disgraceful 250 NT for a glass of stella, which regularly sells for 150NT in the 'Chung.
Sunday I had the pleasure of watching the band in the Shannon, and the great displeasure of paying 495 NT for a Shepherd’s pie. What a total rip off. It didn’t even taste good.
So how come? What is so amazing about being 150 km’s north that the price has to be so freaking high to dine out?

Disgusted of Yanmingshan.

Avarice, a market that will support it, and higher business costs.
Not necessarily in that order.
Oh, as well as the same reason Stray Dog licks his bits…
Shame when you could heve heard the same band in Taichung whilst sipping upon an about NT110 (regular price, mind you, not HH) pint.