Taipei Vs Tokyo, Cost of Living,

Recently I was thinking of applying to a tech company in Tokyo. They asked in their form about what is the expected minimum salary (yearly income)
Assuming that the skills I use on the job are the same, how much should I ask for (if my income in Taipei is X TWD / per year)?

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At the very least you should ask for Y JPY per year.

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Yes, minimum should be the direct conversion of currencies.

But given that Tokyo is costlier, what % increase in X would be appropriate?

Make sure anti depressants are thrown in as part of the package…

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This is actually a hard problem, depending on factors such as your standard of living, your willingness to and means of commute, your propensity to save, and the expected exchange rate during the contract term.

Probably >100%. Tokyo is like twice as expensive overall. There are one or two things that tend to be cheaper in Tokyo but everything else is far more expensive, some stuff are like 4 times more expensive.

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Averaged starting salary for a graduate is about 55000NTD in Tokyo and 30000NTD in Taipei.

1 Million X

It depends on the fields.

And I’m inclined to say that one’d be worse off with 55k in Tokyo than 30k in Taipei. Also, Japan has a higher tax rate.

Look on

Those websites are good for each item by algorithm for total cost sucks hard. For example it shows super high groceries cost for Taipei and assumes that you will pay for the same amount of groceries in all countries. So just look up the items that correspond to what you want to pay for.

Do the cost of living comparison on the website.
Average pay 90k ntd after tax in Tokyo , 40k in Taipei.

So you need to aim for at least double Taipei expected salary.

You couldn’t really survive on 60k ntd there, at least I think it would be pretty tough, sane as you wouldn’t survive on 30k ntd in Taipei city.

Oh they went back to 40k NTD? I remember it was like 29k in Taipei on that site, which really showed the agenda of the contributors.

I think in Taipei City 60k average sounds about right. 90k in Tokyo also sounds pretty fair. Overall purchasing power is somewhat the same.

Not to mention the more complicated housing shit such as key money.

Also take into account more volatile yen.