Taipei's homeless are few but desperate


I lived in Wanhua District for a few months. Homelessness isn’t rare there. Especially around Lonshan Temple, and under the bridges along riverside park.

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Not to sound horrible, but compared to LA the homelesse here have it great. we used to run charity for homeless the south but became so saddening seeing how much they had and just wasted we decided to .change ton evironmental efforts. are.fairly generous in giving, but perhaps lacking jn actually solve problems. Again, LA has no right pointing the finger on this issue, especially at taiwan.


It’s not.

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Sorry. LA Times*

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It didn’t seem like a finger-pointing exercise though. Good journalism.

Actually I enjoyed the article as well. It’s hard not to feel sorry for people in a country that has almost zero security and welfare net. It’s seen as their families problem if they are homeless and not societies issue.

That thinking may have worked 30 years ago but now with western style influence of personal independence becoming more persuasive, family seems to mean less and less as the article points out. (Brother not picking up the phone, hiding homelessness from family)

OTOH I have been told through that there are many fake homeless that collect money for gangs and not to offer money. It’s hard to know when to give and when not to.