Taitung and Green Island: What to do/see?

Is there anything in Taitung worth looking at? Is Green Island a rip-off? Is there one expensive hotel?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Did you see the Taidong County thread I started in this forum near the end of June? Sandman and I listed a few spots. I could add some details to the list, if anyone is interested (and I can find my notebook).

As for Taidong city, it didn’t look like much. But I was only there to get my rental car. Haven’t been to Green Island or any of the others off the east coast. (Penghu and Kinmen are well worth trips, I think.)

Before making a trip, you might check the local papers to see how badly the area was hit by the typhoon. I suspect the east coast ain’t pretty right now.

Its ten years since I was on Green Island. Apart from the jail, there’s not much to see (not much to see there either, actually) UNLESS you like snorkeling/scuba diving. The island is collared by a coral reef that runs right up to the beach and they’ve built concrete walkways in several places that take you from the road out to the edge of the reef dropoff, so you can get right into 30 feet of water without having to walk across jagged coral. Also, the prevailing winds blow from either of two directions, so for half the year, one side of the island has waves and nasty surge making it difficult to snorkel, while the other side is calm and pleasant. During the other half of the year, the situation is reversed. There used to be one “nice” hotel and a bunch of dosshouses run by the various diving outfits there. The campsite was very clean and nice ten years ago. Don’t know what its like now.

check out my trip to Green Island early this year


I love the beach front hot spring best…