Taiwan Air Force Tian Long Exercise Until 30 Oct

Taiwan’s Air Force kicked off the annual Tian Long exercises on Monday. The military aircraft drills were carried out at the air force base in Hualien, while the Skyguard air defense units held competitions at the Fang Shan shooting range in Pingtung County.

The exercises are scheduled to run until October 30

I’ll be there all next week. Will keep and eye in the sky!

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Will the eye in the sky be looking at you and reading your mind? Is it also a maker of rules and dealing with fools while cheating you blind?


Not an issue, for I wield


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Not quite so. Unagi is smoked eel… good try, though!


Are you like the only living person who doesn’t get the Friend’s reference?

Yes. I have no Friends…

what is that anyway? some kind of rival show to Cheers?

i didn’t watch TV when I was a punk. too busy getting wasted and stomping.