Taiwan ARC criminal record check


Ok, so I just moved to Taiwan a little over 1 week ago and am working for Kojen schools. When hiring me they never asked about criminal record at all so of course I didn’t mention I have a dui which I got in 2014 at the age of 19. This is the only thing on my criminal record. I do not have my ARC because of the new policy requiring a criminal record check to obtain it that started this June. I have already sent for my background check but I am worried about what will happen once it arrives. Will a dui be cause for denial of my ARC?? I see no mention of what will disqualify you anywhere, I am a female clean record other then this who graduated with honors from my university in the USA, not sure if those factors matter or if this is a black and white decision but I am very worried about this and have found no conclusive answers online! Anyone who knows about this please respond.

ARC Criminal Check
Work permit and background check
Work permit Background Check
Work permit and background check

I heard of two people before that had a DUI and were still approved. However, I know many more that were deported for teaching without an ARC. One even claimed he was just giving a demo, and would receive his ARC a week later (both true). Getting blacklisted from entering Taiwan at 22 years old isn’t an achievement you want.

Edit – If you’re reading this first, @yyy made a few brilliant posts below in regards to this issue. Apparently I wasn’t necessarily correct. If you have a working permit, you can legally work without an ARC. I was unaware of this. The people I mentioned prior that faced deportation were most likely working without an ARC or working permit.


Thanks for the response! My school assured me I can still teach rather then wait the potential 8-10 weeks for the background check to process, they said as long as the arc is in motion I’m fine so that’s not what I’m worried about. I actually find it strange my school never asked about a criminal record hiring me. Maybe because I’m a girl? Anyway dui is not a felony it is a misdemenor but it is still a criminal offense so I will feel very uneasy until my ARC is approved, the fact that you have 2 friends who were fine despite dui’s truly makes me feel a bit better.


Can you get your DUI expunged? If not, I’d say it’s 50-50 and depends on the immigration agent and employer whether they can look past it. Good luck!

PS: Remember… You don’t need a criminal background check to teach at a private or public school. So if this doesn’t work out, perhaps try applying with a school.


Cannot get expunged unfortunately :confused:


you already applied for your ARC, and are waiting for the result?


I thought you could teach before an ARC as long as you have your work permit? Am I wrong about this?


If the OP entered with a work based residence/visitor visa, she already has a work permit and can work. If it is a residence visa, she should apply for an ARC within 15 days from the entry.


I was going to say the same thing. :slight_smile:

A “work-based visitor visa” would be a working holiday visa, would it not? In that case, no problem (and no need for an ARC unless you’re British).

It’s a new requirement, so it will take people time to get used to it and figure out the procedures.


When I entered Taipei I already had the job lined up which takes care of getting the arc for you. My current boss is super new at his job and he’s a bit of a mess so hopefully he knows what he’s doing, but he told me I can work without the background check completed yet. I sent for the background check right before I left America (plane ticket was already purchased by the time my boss informed me this was a requirement) but it takes 8-10 weeks to process according to the fbi website. In the meantime I have fallen in love with Taiwan and grow more and more attached and worried a stupid dui I got at 19 will cause me to have to go home. Also I never break the law or drive drunk, I had a pre-arranged designated driver that day who lied to me about the status of her license. Long story short we had to switch seats because she told me on the way home she didn’t have a license (hers was suspended) and we needed to show a license to cross this dam, something I don’t think she realized when she volunteered to be dd, and when she lied to me a million times when I kept reminding her to bring her license. I pull over after crossing (like 1,000 ft of driving only 1 car allowed at a time) to switch back and stumbled a bit getting out, turns out I pulled over right in front of a parked cop who saw me stumble. So the whole incident isn’t indicative of my character but I don’t know if that matters or if they’ll just think this means I have a drinking problem or something. Most dui’s mean someone drives drunk all the time and finally got caught I think and I think that’s how it will look. I hope they ask for an explanation and take that into account but really there is no info out there about how this works that I have found.


I think no. It would not necessarily be a working holiday visa, but the possibility may be low.

so, your application form is already submitted, right? Then, no problem.

Added: I’m not very sure, but if your work permit was issued before June (15?), a background check is not mandatory. It is possible that your employer does it for safety.


No one’s judging you. You don’t need to tell us the whole story of your DUI. It’s your business.

If your boss said he’ll supply you a work permit without needing a background check, then I think you’re okay. But since I’ve had no experience with this new policy, I’m not sure.


I know you guys don’t which is great, I was only mentioning the story because I wonder if they take into account the details of the crime? But yeah I think all teachers at my school need to get it done now that it’s a policy even ones who’ve been here for over a year. Yes my school has already began the process of getting the arc, it’s just not finalized until the background check comes in.


what exactly is the process of getting the ARC? What I wanted to make sure is, the application form for your ARC is already submitted or not.


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Were you able to get the work permit at least without the background check? As in… its just the ARC that requires it?

Also just wanted to confirm… it is legal to work without an ARC (as long as you have the work permit) yes? Or is that incorrect?


this part, I’m sure, yes. But one must apply for an ARC within 15days from the entry in taiwan, if the person used a resident visa.

I’d like to know it too.


A resident visa as in… a resident visa to enter Taiwan?
I’m assuming if I’m from the US coming on visa-exempt I won’t have to worry about applying for an ARC until I get a work permit. Hoping that’s correct :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes submitted


Yeah you can be here just not work here I think.