Taiwan Barking Deer

Check out these two pics I took near my house yesterday. Is it? Could it be? It was definitely wild. Sorry about the poor picture. I didn’t bring my good camera on my daily walk, so all you get is a couple of iPhone zoomed in pics.

2019-03-14%20Barking%20Deer%20001 2019-03-14%20Barking%20Deer%20002


Very rarely see deer in Taiwan. They hide in the hills.

The muntjacs are definitely making a comeback. There’s a bunch living near the holy water temple you pass through when descending from Taoyuan valley, Yilan.


I saw one chasing a cat away (and then running back into the jungle) this morning! It’s great to hear they’re making a comeback. Certainly added to the excitement of the morning dog walk.


What part of Taiwan? I live at the northern base of Yang Ming Shan.

I can just picture the average redneck deer hunter “I was waiting on dem deer and it barked like a dog. Scared the bejeezus out of me”

I don’t know if it is a Taiwan Barking Deer. The silhouette is off. Reeves’s muntjac typically has a much shorter neck. I guess depends on where you live, it looks like a sika deer, which would be rare outside of Taidong and Pingdong, or a young sambar.

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Here’s where I saw it.


Muntjacs are a pest in Europe.

So is syphilis, what’s your point?

Technically all 3 types of deer have disappeared from that area for decades. There have been a slow recovery of the muntjac population, at least according to a news article from 2013. People do keep captive sambars for their antlers, and they could escape into near by areas. According to New Taipei city, there are 39 deer farms in New Taipei, so that could be where the deer came from.


Anything you want to tell us?

Modern medication is surprisingly effective.

Nice find. Its always fun finding big native species in taiwan. We have seen a few at our new farm as well. Its a nice thing to see.

They they eat you entire crop in a day…canadian flashbacks…oh god.

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And in Japan.

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This is what is sounds like (24 sec).

Heard it recently for the first time.


In Dahushanzhuang neighbourhood, northern Taipei. I can confirm it’s a muntjac, because it’s tiny (not big like a “regular” deer), I saw a dead one in the same neighbourhood last year (makes for easy identification), and they use their big sharp teeth to defend their territory.
Multiple cats in my neighbourhood have been injured, with strange large holes in them. After I saw the deer chasing the cat, my neighbours and I realized the injuries were probably from the muntjac deer!

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Ooh nice. The muntjac/cat wars begin. I’m guessing the muntjacs are moving down from Wuzhi Shan. There’s some interesting stuff going on with populations of wild creatures going up. Monkeys, boar, muntjac, eagles, all increasing on YMS. Meanwhile the feral buffalo have taken over and tourists can’t visit Qingtian Gang for fear of attack.

Four legs good!


Great vid. Animal looks to have a digital glitch. I don’t kniw if it reminds me of Miyazaki or Matrix


Ok. I’ve heard this often on my night walks up in the northern part of YMS. Very cool. Now I know.