Taiwan Baseball Milkfish mascot dance makes life a little better

Just watch the video. Turn it up, full screen. I’m dying.

Uni Lions of the CPBL’s new mascot: Sababoy, the dancing, hat-wearing, fish head mascot.


I hate you and that fucking piece of fish.


I DID NOT need to see a picture of this alien-fish thing.

“Queen of Milkfish” museum in Tainan.

can sample unconventional products like milkfish ice cream and milkfish sausage. Attendees can also participate in hands-on workshops, and learn how to craft hand soap with the fish or make edible fish meatballs.

Wonder if the museum mentions the high cholesterol.

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It would be nice to see a Philippino preparation of milkfish in a restaurant around once in a while. Milkfish in Taiwan tends to be just dumped on some rice or in soup, completely unseasoned. Or made into little fish balls, which are okay every now and then.

In regard of the museum, would cooking other regional versions of it not be a superior way to celebrate the milkfish, rather than unusual concoctions like fish ice cream?

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Milkfish is good most ways prepared and even a few shops that is the only thing they sell. I does take a long time to farm it though.

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I know it’s old… But I was extremely surprised to see, after half of the clip, that it’s a mascot of not just a fish head… but a CUT OFF fish head. That’s going to give some kids nightmares :rofl:

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