Taiwan Citizenship application Requirements

I am planning to apply for taiwan passport and then citizenship this coming sept.

One of the requirements for my citizenship application is my mothers marriage history (advisory of marriage). Apparently my father who is a taiwanese (my petitioner) is listed there being married to my filipino mother in the philippines, but the marriage was never brought to taiwan.

Right now my father is already married to a taiwanese registered in his household. As for the philippines not having divorce, erasing my fathers name in my mothers marriage record is going to be a complicated and expensive process.

My question is can I still be able to apply even with my fathers name showing hes been married to my mom in the philippines? It is directly considered invalid here in taiwan since It was not registered in his household. Can it cause any problem with my fathers existing registered marriage in taiwan?

Bump. Any ideas?

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In my opinion and whether your parents are married or not it doest matter as long as one of your parent is Taiwan national.

It is the same issue on other people with no documents but parent was Taiwan national these children can apply for ROC Taiwan ID.

Hope this help.

Hi, I was just wondering whether you know how long is the processing time for application of Taiwan ID? One of my parents is Taiwanese citizen.

Hi Bhingko,

3yrs ago na pala ang thread.

At the moment i’m not sure how long it will take na, I could only say as long as you have all your “LEGAL DOCUMENTS & related medical record such as DNA, birth certificate” to confirm that one of your parent is Taiwanese then follow the instruction written/given by immigration.

Have patience and you will achieve it.


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thank you so much for the response!