Taiwan Coins and banknotes

Anyone know of stores or an area in Taipei where I could find shops that buy and sell Taiwan/China Coins and banknotes?

The search function knows: A complete set of the current TWD currency (inc $200 and $2000 bills)

The search function knows: http://tw.forumosa.com/t/a-complete-set-of-the-current-twd-currency-inc-200-and-2000-bills/67658/1[/quote]

That search topic only mentions the Bank of Taiwan. I am looking for local dealers, especially mom and pop stores.

On this topic, there was a seller at the Tianmu Circle Weekend Bazar -you know, the garage sale setup right at the end of Zhongshan section 6/intersection Tianmu road- that had a very interesting and extensive collection of bills and coins. You might like to check it out.

There are hardly any mom and pop stores. Some antique shops may have interesting stuff, but the specialty goodies are at Boai, behind the camera setup, starting around the Post Office and on from there -but these are the truly expensive and rare items, big $$$.

You can find clusters of stamp/coin hobby shops on Guling Street south of Nanhai Road, and Boai Road south of Zhongxiao.

Thanks all for the responses.

Just curious, but are you silver stacking?

Temp Gain, I am in Taipei now and looking at a map. Boai road south of Zhongxiao is many blocks. Can you give me a better description so I can target in a find the shops? Thanks!