Taiwan Company Profit sharing + Stock


I am not quite sure if this is the correct forum for posting this question, if it isn

1.am i not entitled to get the stock of the company as an employee benefit? Is there any rule that forbids it?

2.Is there any way out if there is a rule?

3.If I have a resident visa of taiwan , can I buy stocks of companies in the stock market , if I am allowed to do this then why cant I get the stock option as a benefit.

Any clues[/quote]

1 and 2. Depends on the company. Foreigners can own stocks here in listed companies - even the ones on the emerging market. for non-listed companies, there is a screening procedure.

  1. Yes. You need to go to a stock broker. They used to have a stupid rule saying that you needed a tax guarantor with an annual income of at least NT$1m. I hope that rule isn’t in force any more.