Taiwan could have had a copper casting factory 2,000 years a

A Taiwan archaeology story.

[quote]Taiwan could have had a copper casting factory 2,000 years ago: experts
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Among Taiwan’s prehistoric cultural relics and sites, there previously had not been a single place that provided a clear cultural connection between those who lived at those places in the past and the indigenous tribes of today that are spread around Taiwan. However, that situation is now changing. A dig has been going on for 14 months at the Chiuhsianglan site in the Taimali area of Taidong County. The dig has yielded a totem pole featuring snakes, and archaeologists believe that this indicates the site has a clear connection to cultures that existed 2,000 years ago and that are still present to this day. The unearthing of the artifacts has been extremely important to creating a history of aboriginal cultural in Taiwan. (more at link)
english.www.gov.tw/TaiwanHeadlin … rdid=81307[/quote]

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I’m sure the factory was located in a residential area in violation of zoning codes and flouting environmental standards.
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Probably manufacturing copper Hello Kitty keychains.

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Probably imported foreign workers from Thailand and Philippines.