Taiwan Digital COVID-19 Certificate - Discussion

What is a health center? I’ve only been to hospitals or clinics.

I’ll PM you.


Where is this app and how does one sign up?

Asking for a friend.


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im sorry, but im still confused, is this the same one that we got earlier this month from the previous thread? or do we have to get this one as well?

looks the same to me.

This one looks like a reward to the underbelly for “voluntarily” closing down those types of venue during the last scare. Doing it now in advance of potential level 3 after CNY to avoid too much controversy and possibly for the extra business the returning holiday makers will bring…

I’m not sure if there is an app. A few minutes ago I went to the government website to apply for the certificate, here:
… and it was shockingly easy and straightforward, entering my ARC number (which is NOT one of the updated new numbers - I was worried that would be an issue but it wasn’t).

I eventually got a big screen full of my certificate. I was relieved the certificate shows that I’ve had three shots - since I got the first one very early, I feared it wouldn’t be in the system, but no issues. It’s also got both my English name and Chinese name, which I was worried about - I try to make sure important places know both names, but I don’t always succeed.

It was emailed to me as a ZIP file. The email includes details about the password for the ZIP file. The only hurdle was the default expander application on my Mac failed to open the file; I needed to use a different one that gave me an option to enter a password.

For now my intention is to just keep the PDF handy on my phone (well, Apple / Files / Desktop, I guess). I dunno, maybe I’ll print it out today as well, but I don’t have a color printer at work.

EDIT: slight, slight concern that it doesn’t list which specific vaccines I’ve had - it says I’ve got 3/3, but only lists Moderna, not that the first two were AZ. But I’d be very surprised if that’s an issue. It’s also got all kinds of boilerplate about not being a travel document.

EDIT 2: re: a specific app, there’s a long discussion over in another thread, starting here, over how different apps … don’t seem to work well, with varying degrees of not working. I don’t know if there’s a Taiwan specific one yet. When I search in the Apple App store (and I’m in the Canada store), it’s the typical Apple thing of a million apps with similar names and you can’t be sure if they’re any good. For now I’m not going to worry about connecting anything to an app and will just have the PDF available on my phone.


I had exactly the same results.

  1. I applied for myself and also another foreigner friend.

  2. Both of us have the old APRC number. No problem.

  3. Printed the certificates, downloaded in PDF format, converted both certificates from PDF to JPEG. Saved both JPEG and PDF formats to Iphone 6s Plus.

  4. English names and Chinese names are perfectly displayed.

  5. Says that we both have AZ and 2/2 with the latest date vaccinated.

  6. We were emailed a ZIP file that has a password. The password should be MM/DD of your birthdate.

Note: The password can’t open the archive on an iPhone for some reason, but it works just fine on a Windows 10 computer.

  1. I haven’t thought about downloading any of the Covid Apps at this time. I ain’t goin’ nowheres anywho.

  2. Here’s what the Digital Covid-19 Certificate looks like.

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The password worked fine for me, but when I first clicked on the ZIP file I got an error, I think because that expander app didn’t know what to do with passwords. I used a different app and it was fine. Maybe a different app will work?

BUT I don’t think it matters - the email contains the same PDF you’ve already downloaded from the website; I don’t believe there’s any additional information anyway. I wound up with two identical PDFs, and I edited one to cut it down to just the QR code, in case that’s easier to scan off my phone.

I like the idea of converting it to a JPEG. I’ll be doing that as well.


Hence my confusion - through much of my teens and twenties, when liquor laws in Canada were relatively stricter, “restaurant that serves alcohol” (and especially if you had a couple of drinks before and/or after food) mostly meant pub.

EDIT a day later: boy this is out of context now! It was a query in another thread about where precisely we need this COVID certificate, and what counts as a bar or pub.

Took literally only 2 minutes to get the certificate, super easy and supports English, except for the final pop-up page where you can download the .pdf or send to convenience store for printing (again printing is optional, not necessary at all), but not that big of a deal since it will send a copy to your e-mail in the prior step so you can ignore the final pop-up page.


Yup, very impressed by that. I’m still unclear on how it’s actually going to be used, but that’s a different issue.

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As I don’t bother with printers these days due to the extortionate cost of ink, I just save the file in question to a USB stick and take a walk down to 7-11 - their Ibon machine has an English part for printing things.


Note depending on how you use phones, I doubt this is necessary; presumably the big thing is the QR code, and if you’ve got that on your phone, that will probably be enough.

(I’ll still be printing it out and sticking it in my main bag, just in case.)

And yeah, printing companies sort of shot themselves in the foot with the ridiculous ink pricing, didn’t they? “Huh, OK, I’ll just use PDFs for everything now.”

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Same for me, just in case the phone calls it quits.


Very easy. Thanks for that. Now all ready to hit the entertainment establishments this weekend!


Service service service! Give me that audio-visual treatment, oh yeah!


Be aware that the QR code has some personal information:
Name (English and Chinese), DOB

It can be read out from a photo of your QR code and decoded quite easily.
I would not put it in a visible spot.


Thanks. It’ll be in a folder. And that personal information is also why I’m not installing some random app to handle it - I want to get better information about which apps are recommended and hopefully more secure.

apologies if this was stated earlier, but does anyone know if this will be permanent? Say if the covid situation becomes under control/stabilized in the next year or so.

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that. But I haven’t had to show a polio vaccine lately, so I doubt it’ll be permanent.

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