Taiwan Digital COVID-19 Certificate - Discussion

And it looks like life for the Unvaccinated could start becoming difficult from Tomorrow.


They are introducing it so people can have peace of mind. Only vaccinated people inside so no chance of catching it at those places. Ha ha

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I just downloaded my certificate and all good for my special tea tomorrow


Your Yellow card is OK too - until someone starts forging them and selling the results - as they have no QR Code on them (well, mine doesn’t).


nightclubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels (gallery), beauty salons (sightseeing haircuts, audio-visual hairdressing) and special coffee tea rooms, nightclubs, dance halls, saunas and other leisure and entertainment venues

Restaurants and bars. Wow this is serious. The rest just makes me laugh. This stuff being discussed so openly. And who knew? I certainly didn’t.

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Not restaurants. 酒家 is not a restaurant.

Oh, just read the original. I’m laughing even harder now.

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Just think of it like this. Sexy and Alcohol.


I mean, I knew they were out there, but for them to apparently be such a big sector and to fall under special sets of regulations? That’s a surprise.

I fear a little part of my brain will be doing a Beavis and Butthead “Heh heh” every time I now use the word “special.”


Just to clarify: restaurants and cafes / coffee shops are not included in these new requirements that take effect tomorrow (i.e. 1/21)?

Please correct me if I got this wrong!



I think you’ve got that right, but I’m waiting on an English-language article to be sure.

Key passage:


Google translate gives me:

According to the regulations of the command center, relevant leisure and entertainment venues include karaoke halls, dance halls, nightclubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels (gallery), grooming (tourism haircuts, audio-visual grooming) [WTF?!] and special coffee tea rooms, nightclubs, dance halls, saunas and other places.

@Marco wrote that 酒家 isn’t really “restaurant”; Pleco is giving me “tavern” as one option.

So does this mean places like Crafted and Redpoint Taproom may have to start enforcing this tomorrow?

The article - if both the article and Google translate are correct! - also has this, about restaurants perhaps having this policy at some point:

In terms of restaurants, Chen Shizhong said that the command center believes that the time for vaccine passports to enter and exit all restaurants has not yet come.

Relevant Chinese-language article:

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Well. I gave it to my coworker to look at and then he said:

Why aren’t you doing your work?

So then I showed it to him again and he said:

If it will get you outta my hair, when they want to mean restaurants, they will put 餐廳.

This story is false. He happily came over and verified that 酒家 is not ‘restaurant’ and that they would use 餐廳 if they did mean restaurants.


I hope you followed up the “hair” comment by asking for details about all these “grooming” places that apparently exist.

(Incidentally, I guess this whole discussion is off-topic for this thread - perhaps it merits its own thread about vaccine passport requirements.)

Oh no no. I was literally in his hair. Biden style.

No, unless they’ve significantly changed their business model to include sexual services. It’s clear from the Chinese. The humor in this situation just has no bounds.


Holy crap, there are that many different businesses that also include extra sexual services? So tomorrow is this going to be expanded to all the “special” cat cafes, instant noodle stands, and China Telecom shops?

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I’m glad for your posts which keep me laughing.

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Haircut tourism. :rofl:

Don’t even think about it without your vaccine passport!


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My coworker described them as sexy shaves.

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Next question of course is shaving what exactly.

This is making me entirely reassess the service (heh heh) sector of Taiwan. It’s always struck me as odd that Yonghe Doujiang opens in the evening and doesn’t close until the morning. Just what goes on there at 3am?!