Taiwan dog in Hsinchu needs rescue

About a week ago a largish emaciated black Taiwan dog showed up near our house. Though he’s quite wild he is friendly, approachable, and in need of companionship. He has no skin problems that I can see but is home to a large number of brown ticks. I have been feeding him steak, chicken, kibble, eggs, and canned food and his appetite is just about insatiable. Unfortunately I can’t do more for him than that. It’s cold and I would like to take him in, give him a bath, and get him checked by a vet but with kids and no isolated place for him I can’t.

I haven’t spent much time with him but I think with the right person he might be a good companion. Though he is submissive he is very much a street dog, guards his food, is jumpy etc, so one must be prepared to spend some time working with him. Under different circumstances I would try.

It’s a bit uncommon for strays to make their way into our community and our neighbours are already ‘nervous’ having him around. He has rather intense eyes which might put people off or maybe they are concerned for their yappy little toy dogs. Likely his time here is short.

Send me a note if you are, or know someone who might be, able to help him.

The dog is gone. The neighbors (f***rs) called their landlord to come and take him away.