Taiwan drivers license in US

I suspect this topic has been discussed before on this forum, but I couldn’t locate the information using a search, so here it goes:

How easy is it to rent a car on a Taiwan drivers license in the US?

I’ve looked at a couple rental car sites, and they state it varies by location.

Thanks for any experiences anyone out there can share.

I tried using my Japanese one in LA and it was “No Way”, because it was all in characters - your average Joe/Jane Hertz can’t read it! I expect you’ll need one of those Intenational ones :frowning:

The info is on the Vroom, vroom forum. You’ll probably be OK with a Taiwan-issued international driver’s license. See this thread;
Taiwan-issued International Driving Licences/Permits
[Taiwan-issued International Driving Licences/Permits

The State of California does not allow Japanese licences accompanied by an IDP to drive. Not sure why, but I can guess…