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This Brookings Event is huge.

ASML and Mediatek reps will be there.

Be there or be square.

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Yes, agree that numbers does not mean all benefit. My Uni classmate, she will went to Aussie for working holiday 3-4 years ago and came back to Taiwan and can match her Aussie pay even working 10-12 hour days, meanwhile she mentions boss*kids has many new cars, so the gains are very uneven. I am lucky in the my EU connections help me get decent Kao job but other wise it would hard match Dublin’s salary.

Holy smokes. First time in like what, three years?

In 1997 when I was kid, I could get the cup of ice cream at local mart for a coin (NT$10) from mum, recently I got it at NT$25 at FamilyMart (Might be cheaper at HyperM’s), so have wages gone up 150%, anything beyond that is real growth for me otherwise no real growth. I know most people hope do better than your parents and I hope I can too. (There was huge gap between my grandparents and parents living standards)

Will Taiwan roll in cash once these fabs come online or burn in the flames of semiconductors oversupply?

According to the Digitimes CEO, India has promised a free trade agreement if TSMC or UMC sets up shop. U likely though.


Common denominator being wait for something other than common good and ethics.

Taiwan setting up chip shops internationlly is likely the dumbest move we have seen since not making nukes. Terrible to say, but in the end taiwan needs a real fucking commitment BEFORE selling out its only “chip” :frowning:

When i was young i thought this style was based on being naive. Seems like its more just simple sellfishness and greed now. So little loyalty going around.

Do you see any form of support for taiwan from US, India, Japan etc even after they give up their only monetary bargaining chip (no one cares about the people, so that chip is pointless)? I mean real support, not just make us more money so we fake care unofficially type support that taiwan seems stuck in.


You’re probably right. I know a lot of people in the US who say things like “isn’t it like some small part of China or something that makes all the semiconductor chips in the world?” To which I say “Taiwan and Korea, not China”. To which someone else butts in to say “yeah but they’re opening a factory in Phoenix now so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Screwed, Taiwan is. On the other hand, the globe “needs” more semiconductors, with the way things are manufactured. At the same time, morons for not using that as a bargaining “chip”

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If the US, Canada, Uk ,EU, New Zealand, Australia etc etc actually gave even half a fuck about human rights, equality, peace, and all that then sure, open up TSMC there. As of yet, not one of these “developed” countries has stood up for anything meaningful at all. ever. Like literally not one has done ONE thing to recognize taiwan, nevermind back it. Even Biden says he will, then immediately the puppetmaster takes it back. China, and the world are only laughing. So its a dumb move on taiwans part to not see the writing on the wall. Or perhaps they see so mich writing we dont see and they are simply traitors and selfish. Either way, poor leadership…

I thought taiwan was smarter, but it seems more likely that individuals are planning their escape route plan B. Would love to be wrong, but not much seems to point otherwise :frowning:

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Like all the top leaders in Afghanistan, who bought up properties in major cities across the globe and dashed off to live in luxury elsewhere while the Taliban took over? Kind of the reason money and power should never be in the hands of the few…

Export orders set another record in May and are expeted to break records again in June. Yet growth predictions have been adjusted down to 3.7%.

Something else has got to give.

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Help me understand. Taiwanese companies who build and ship out of China et al are included in the export numbers?

No = =

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I’m doing my part. I just bought a new kymko scooter. It’s a nice one.


I don’t think you can sell out chip industry. It takes talent

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I do not see much support or investment from India, not much things from India here in Taiwan unless you see something?

Is it Ionex electric?

It’s a gas guzzler. 180cc. Really smooth and quiet. I can’t really say it is a guzzler yet. I might have 100km on it so far.

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Disappointed. Well, at least you’re reducing noise pollution.