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Export orders set another record in May and are expeted to break records again in June. Yet growth predictions have been adjusted down to 3.7%.

Something else has got to give.

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Help me understand. Taiwanese companies who build and ship out of China et al are included in the export numbers?

No = =

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I’m doing my part. I just bought a new kymko scooter. It’s a nice one.


I don’t think you can sell out chip industry. It takes talent

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I do not see much support or investment from India, not much things from India here in Taiwan unless you see something?

Is it Ionex electric?

It’s a gas guzzler. 180cc. Really smooth and quiet. I can’t really say it is a guzzler yet. I might have 100km on it so far.

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Disappointed. Well, at least you’re reducing noise pollution.

why disappointed? I think electric cars and scooters are pretty rotten. Taiwan has a ton of problems with electricity. I’m pretty sure my scooter is better for the environment than are any electric car or scooter out there.

cool, big bike ! You can go 100 (outside the city), mine not sure it can go 70 haha. I good for Kao City (I guess its made here and top end bike I guess more expensive than most)

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It’s this one. Yes, as far as I know it’s made in Taiwan

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Cool video on the link(wonder where is it), you will have get out of the city and get more than 100km on it.

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Well come on and let’s go for a ride up the mountain. Send me a message.

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whats the price on that model?

all in it was around $124,000 cash.

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It’s the U.S. who should be worried. The chip fabs Taiwan is building there are a generation or more behind. Taiwan’s rise as not only the manufacturing leader but the chip design leader would gut the U.S. semiconductor industry.

“ Fabless chip companies need to coordinate closely with manufacturers to ensure that their semiconductor designs can actually be produced. For Taiwanese players, having TSMC and UMC so close by makes it much easier to communicate – an advantage that was magnified during coronavirus-related border closings.

These strong relationships have paid off during the current chip shortage. With a constant flood of orders coming in from around the world, TSMC and UMC have prioritized the Taiwanese design companies they already had close ties with, giving them an additional boost.“


haha, coffee/drinks first at the place in the photo with your bike and talk Econ with others. I try to remember when go to the Taipei area from the South which is not very often.

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