Taiwan electrical code?

I’m pretty sure this is to code right?

It’s a street light, outside, and there’s a circuit breaker hanging in mid air…

It might not be live
Try poking it with a screwdriver


If it wasn’t why would it be there? And it looks like a recent installation too.

I would avoid that light pole when it’s raining…

bo iau kin

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That’s why taiwanese wear crocs. Rubber shoes, good insulation




lighting fixture next to water not grounded lol


I don’t think people here understand the concept of grounding. Plugs in a bathroom (especially seeing in Taiwan they get soaking wet) are supposed to be GFCI protected, but they never are.

I think if you ask anyone in Taiwan about grounding they’ll go “huh? it’s on the ground”.


Sockets in my my bathrooms are, don’t ask me how I know :blush:

Sometimes you need that extra kick to get off the toilet

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Newer houses are GFCI, but they are built into the breaker panel. Check yours.

I’m 100% sure mine doesn’t. There are no ELCB in my panel.

Weird thing is they could have gotten a proper panel but for some reason they took it out. I guess it cost too much.

This is mine. If yours say TEST on them, then they are GFCI enabled.

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I don’t have a proper breaker box. Landlord is too cheap for them. All of them are standard breakers, nothing says test on them. Plus honestly you really don’t need GFCI breakers unless it’s in the bathroom.

Besides even if I could get GFCI breakers there is no way to find a ground, but I’m on the ground floor and so maybe I can either stick a long rod into the ground (no idea how to do this) or find the meter and try to splice it in. I also need a proper neutral/ground bus because it’s a tiny thing that’s just overloaded with connections.

Right. My GFCI breakers affect plugs in areas with water nearby, the kitchen, washing machine and air conditioning. I’d have to test to see which one takes care of the washroom and double check. I don’t use blow dryers anyways.

I’d assume the yellow button on mine is the test button. Only a couple of the breakers don’t have it in my box.

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Are you sure that’s a button? it looks like stickers to me.

My chicks hair dryer lol