Taiwan Food Diaries - Quarantine Hotel Edition

No swear words in the food & drink category :no_no: :grin: :grin: :grin:
Although in that case, it’s really more than appropriate, I think…

Just wondering what they might serve to “top that”… Guess I’ll find out soon :man_shrugging:

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@qwert_zuiop, thanks for sharing these… great insights :smiley:

At least UberEats looks much better, so for emergency there is a backup option, yey.

Did you register using your credit card and phone number from home, or did you have the chance to purchase one on arrival? I’m not sure if for the dangerous, Covid-infested foreigners the SIM card services at the airport remain available and it certainly would be quite challenging to get a local credit card while still being inside the airport, prior to quarantine. Just asking because my German bank would charge me for each purchase I make in Taiwan.


The situation at the airport is a bit chaotic, so to say. But there are different lines for people with and without SIM card. Can pay in cash or with credit card (international ones work, too).

Oh, the first airport employee I came across wore his mask as a mouth-guard only.
And the quarantine officers didn’t mind when someone took off his mask while talking to them. And the ventilation in my quarantine taxi was set to air circulation. :man_shrugging:
So actually, a bit more “danger-awareness” might not be that bad…

Shouldn’t be more than 2% usually. SIM card cost like NT$ 1000 for 30 days - so that fee should be least of your worries, I think… Still can open an account with a bank which doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees before departure (DKB in Germany, for example. They even allow you to keep your accoungt after moving).

You can get cash once you’re through immigration - ATMs are still open.

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There’s a huge gulf between what people think the arrival process/quarantine experience is like and what it actually is.


Does this mean that I can arrive at an airport in Taipei and take a “quarantine taxi” all the way to a hotel in Taoyuan? How much would that cost?

Yes. Probably you will arrive at TPE which is in Taoyuan anyway (alternative is TSA in Songshan, Taipei city). Not sure about cost - maybe NT$500? Definitely less than NT$1000.

If its from TPE airport to Taipei the cost is capped at 1000.

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Here’s a fun question. If you arrive at TSA airport and live within walking distance can you just walk home?

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I think you have to indicate which of 3 options you will take - quarantine taxi / car with friends or family / rental car. So no, not officially.

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Thank you all for your very helpful feedback and sorry for hijacking the food diary thread for this. Looking forward to the next breakfast photo :smiley:

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This comment came from another thread, and the photos in this thread are ample evidence why you’d want to avoid a quarantine hotel if you cared in the least bit what you ate:

I’m glad I did my quarantine in an apartment in KHH we found through airbnb. My wife and I paid $50000 a month for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, 2 balcony 20 ping unit in a 5 year old high rise. A rip-off for Kaohsiung but a much better value than any quarantine hotel anywhere in Taiwan. We ordered uber eats whenever the hell we liked and had Carrefour deliver groceries so we could cook half our meals.

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Where was I… Ah, right:

Day 3


Looked better than it tasted. The “meat” was mostly fat and really chewy (like bubblegum)…

Day 4

Oh, how fast time passes in food paradise… :roll_eyes:


(also included a banana - not pictured here :banana: )

Well, actually - I think that “breakfast burger thing” with the cold fries on the first day was actually the best breakfast so far. Who would have thought :man_shrugging: :nauseated_face:

Anyway - luckily, I had ordered some UberEats again. Delivery (incl. preparation) took 20 minutes - then the hotel let it sit for another 20 min before I called the reception: “Oh, I think I ordered delivery - did something arrive?” - “Oh, yes - we placed it in front of your door” - “??? - there is nothing here yet” - “Oh, let me check… Ah, it’s still here. We will bring it up in 10 minutes”. Food arrived 15 min later in front of my door :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:


Ate a bit of rice and the vegetables - wasn’t feeling too hungry because I ordered too much for breakfast. The fish still contained some bones - which I am generally not really fond of (especially if no one is around to save me in case I get one of them stuck in my throat… :sweat_smile: ).

Planning to eat some cookies and chips as an afternoon snack before ordering some food again for dinner.


NT$2,500 is on the cheaper side for a quarantine hotel in Northern Taiwan (I agree it’s a rip-off). You’d be glad that you did not spend more money to stay at S Hotel. Here are what you will get for NT$6,000/night (NT$5.200 after subsidy):


I know the hotel business is hurting, but that’s a pretty brazen money grab.


The look of the ham inside those croissants at S hotel has just put me off my dinner.

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Yeah, I’ve been pretty hungry while working for the last couple of hours but the pizza place I want to order from is “currently unavailable” - I’ve been checking this thread to get rid of my appetite. :grin:


I did my quarantine way back in early March so not sure if much has changed… but once you pass immigration/baggage claim, you can pretty much wander around the terminal at will with no apparent time limit (well, I suppose the limit would be when the airport closed). Did this to taste my last bit of freedom lol

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There are a few Airlines that are even more brazen - Business Class Prices for Economy Class Tickets.

Ah, great! So I get to enjoy similar food as the “high-class” hotels :rofl:

The stores after the baggage claim are all closed now and there are police officers standing around, but almost no people. I didn’t want to “test waters” how long I could wander around before someone asked me what I was doing.

China Airlines charged me €1.000 for a one-way ticket non-stop from Frankfurt, Germany to Taipei (economy). Definitely more than during normal times, because they are only offering the most expensive booking class (35kg luggage, free rebooking and only 50€ no-show fee). So at least they still seem to be somewhat reasonable…

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S Hotel is owned by Taiwanese actress 大S husband, tycoon from Beijing Wang Xiaofei. Side fact

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