Taiwan Footwear Company Refuses Compensation in Cambodia

Taiwan bosses the same at home and abroad? That does not bode well for the New South Policy.


So which footwear brands have a better human rights record? I’d rather not buy any brand that is supplied by this nasty company.

Good question…There’s a couple of local brands that I think are made in Taiwan. Jump? Would have to check its not the same company.

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Pao Yuen’s mother conpany is Bao Chen of Taiwan.
Bao Chen and other Taiwanese OEMer Feng Tay pretty much do all the name brands you’ve heard of.
You’ll have to go to second- and third-tier brands, or buy shoes at a night market :grinning:

What about George shoes and La New ?
I got some nice “air” shoes from them. Very comfortable.

correct, those are second-tier
La New is a fine company

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I bought some excellent shoes from them as well.