Taiwan Foreign Diplomacy in Verse

I read about the Dominican Republic switching its alliance to China, yesterday - and it inspired me to write this rhyme, about the brave, the few allies we have left.

Enjoy, let me know what you think.

Hip hop beat https://youtu.be/ieLX1zpmC14

you got it - though I prefer the reader to add the beat in their head

an excerpt:

Chinese dollar high fives
Wooing Taiwan’s allies
Can’t resist the arm-twisting
They’re droppin’ like flies

So here’s a little ditty
To honor the few
Who be stickin’ with the R.O.C.
This one’s for you —

Palau and Tuvalu,
Kiribati, Nauru,
Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands
(the Oceanic six-pack)

Belize and Nicaragua,
Guatemala, Haiti,
Honduras, El Salvador,
but Panama? … c’mon, you swore!


aw man, 好丟臉, I corrected the type-o and changed the words around to make the rhyme work. thanks @yyy!

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Oh, I thought it was just artistic license! :art:

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it’s been less than a month since I wrote this, and already we lost BURKINA FASO!!

such a shame - and I devoted an entire verse to that little country