Taiwan from above director dies in helicopter crash


I think he was only hated by the industry and businessmen. I don’t think average folks had any particular resentment towards him.


That’s what I meant, really. Why?


One of the industrial pollution scandals was kinda revealed by his first documentary I think? In Kaohsiung.



Many have pointed out the way the helicopter came down was very suspicious.

It was a very clear day. Usually mechanical errors will have the helicopter come down more gracefully, usually spinning as it came down, slowing down the rate of descent. As a result, we don’t often see the complete disintegration of the fuselage as in this crash.

It is even more rare for the fuselage to burst into flames as the fuel is inflammable.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to not be an simple accident.


In the case of engine failure a helicopter will auto-rotate and descend as you say. If it didn’t it was likely a rotor failure. That can happen. I’m not sure what you mean about the fuel. Obviously it burns. If the rotor failed it would have been a massive impact which could lead to an explosion I assume. I’d tend to think that if someone wanted to kill this guy there would have to be easier ways. Obviously they’ll look closely at what transpired though.


Witnesses describe a sudden lounge up, then straight down. Could it be pilot had a heart attack and lost control?


helicopters in Taiwan.
No mystery folks.


Because industry is destroying Taiwan’s environment and the government including the EPA and Tsai Ing-wen is complicit in the destruction, as is everyone holding shares in many of the tech giants. Chi Po-lin’s aerial footage of ASE pollution of the Houjin River in the last movie lead to a massive NT$1 billion fine on the company. (Recent drone footage suggests that ASE has turned the polluters back on.) I absolutely wouldn’t put it past ASE or FPG/Nanya to put a hit in to save their profits. Their pollution is killing untold thousands anyway, what’s one more?


News now is saying downdraft winds over the Huadong mountain range may have been responsible.


The fine was just reduced to almost nothing anyway.
Three people died,I honestly don’t expect anything except negligence somewhere.
Supposedly they almost crashed making the first one as well, the directors friend who was a pilot fir the same company also died in another crash a while back.


Taipei 101 homage


Can you give name / link for that movie you said? or it was just “Taiwan from Above”?


Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above

This is the intro


You can find full-length versions on Daily Motion, but the video resolution is far from what the movie deserves.


@Charlie_Phillips, @Steve4nLanguage : Sorry, what i wanted to ask @the_bear is if he’s talking about a movie different from Taiwan from Above. I have watched TFA a couple of time already.


The heli was over 15 years old. The chances of it having a sudden mechanical failure is pretty high.

Helis do not always auto-rotate. All it takes is for one blade to come loose or the whole engine could’ve jammed up. There are all kinds of shit that can happen.

My bud has LOTS of stories. Including the time they had a failure in their marine helicopter , but luckily was able to auto-rotate to a very stiff landing. He counted himself lucky. He said there were ALWAYS oil leaks and this and that to watch out for.

He wouldn’t fly on one now.

There have been crashes of heli in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas and Hawaii.

These things happen.

I don’t think prima facie , it was anything other then an accident. We don’t have James Bond type super-villains I don’t think.


Just chiming in to say that I wasn’t serious when I said he might be murdered. I think it was really just an accident.


Well, Chi Bo-lin did noticed enviromental destruction over parts of Taiwan he had flown over and recorded had gotten worse since he made his documentary.


You guys can join the petition to stop the mining near Taroko.


Why is there something bad about mining in Taroko?