Taiwan Happy Mall TV Show -- PAL/VCD/DVD?

Does anyone know where I can buy old episodes of that TV show called “Taiwan Happy Mall”? It’s a 30 minute show where they choose a different area of Taiwan and do a short tour, highlighting main points (restaurants, stores, attractions).

Also looking to buy old episodes of the TV show “North vs. South”, a show where the two hosts throw together a competition of one northerner and one southerner.

If you’ve seen them, mind PM’ing or emailing me?

I am not sure exactly which shows you are asking, cuz it’s actually rare to find dvds or anything of that sort for variety shows. but if it is on the market at all, you should chk record stores and video rentals.

I am not sure what is Taiwan happy mall.
If you can post Chinese characters ,it may help.
I didnt find the Taiwan happy mall,Just this.
Hope it can help.

There were some programs like you said.
But I dont think you can find the DVDs.
Maybe in the TV station.