Taiwan has highest death rate from cancer in Asia

None of my grandparents died of cancer. 2 from strokes, one from cardiac arrest, one from emphysema (he was a chain-smoker).

I believe you, but that is extraordinarily unusual.

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Fascinating. I often feel like I grew up in a bubble of statical anomaly when people post things about the US vs TW on this site…


That is not unusual. Personal impressions or experiences can often be very different from statistics.


Lung cancer in children.

Heard news report that says Taiwan has an unusual high rate of lung cancer in children.

I wonder if it is true I haven’t seen any data


Wouldn’t surprise me. Last time I visited Kaohsiung the AQI was over 150 and there were kids outside playing soccer. Scary as hell…

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I was diagnosed with a cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was in South Korea back in 2016. I successfully completed my chemotherapy there, but went back to Canada to complete my radiotherapy in 2017. I have been on remission since that time. However since I lost my job in Canada after working there for 2 years, I ended up back here in Taiwan. The last time I went to Canada was in Chinese New Year 2020, that time I went for my remission check up, and after returning to Taiwan I never went back to Canada for a year thanks to this damn COVID-19 pandemic and the travel and quarantine restrictions. Because of that, I missed out on my remission check ups twice!

This is a concern for me, because in comparison to Canada, Taiwan has a deplorable amount of dirty air and polluted water. When I was living and working in Northern Ontario, Canada I had a lot of clean water and clean air. But here, I am concerned because I don’t want cancer to go back into my system again. But because of these low environmental standards in Taiwan, I am at a greater risk. Plus my reluctance to go back to Canada with these draconian travel restrictions is causing my risk to be higher.

On the other hand I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t chew betelnuts. And speaking of betelnuts, I think that is one of the big causes of cancer here in Taiwan.


This is very interesting and also very troubling.



Neither are recent but show trends.

I know you like looking into the sun, so I can’t wait to read your whataboutism reply. It’s so predictable it’s entertaining now.

These show nothing.



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I edit a lot of medical stuff. One of the biggies here is that the air pollution causes kidney problems, which are often fatal, and lung cancer. Taiwan really needs to clean up its act on the air, especially the coal-fired power plants.


Now you know what to do, move back home.

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Too young. Then I fall in the bracket for femicide.

Because they challenge your beliefs?

Why would anybody want to kill @icon? :open_mouth:

Neither are recent nor specific on lung cancer, but more related to child cancer.



and replace it with what?

nuclear is off the table because people are more afraid of that than a coal plant spewing toxic smoke everywhere.