Taiwan has scorpions!

I found a beaut hiding in a box I was moving in southern Taiwan, Daliao outside of Kaohsiung. All these years I’ve been here, and never knew Taiwan has scorpions. What other cool insects may be found here?

And then I found out it wasn’t a scorpion proper, but a Whip Scorpion. No poison…


A former colleague of mine lives near Yangmingshan and got bit by a poisonous snake while sleeping.

Oh shit, just what I want to hear.

But actually I do. Details?

I’m scared shitless of those bastards. Touched one one in an effort to overcome it but it worked all the way up until I saw a dead crait by the side of the road of my favourite swimming hole near Taichung…(Look here, I know what the correct bloody pinyin is but until the government changes it I’m right, ok?)


Lately I’ve been finding whip scorpions in my house. Even my cats are smart enough not to go near them. Last night I killed one that was at least 3 inches long… UGH and shiver…

I got bit by a scorpion on Koh Chang a few years ago. I thought I was brown bread until I asked a local and was informed its no worse than a bee sting. Still hurt like hell for a few hours, mind.

hehe, vinegaroons are pretty freaky looking for sure. but totally harmless. their tils shoot acetic acid, like vinegar but more concentrated. stings in places like eyes/cuts etc but otherwise totally safe. No need ot kill them , they are harmless to us and are ok at killing cockroaches :slight_smile:

although i too just realized taiwan actually has real scorpions as well. other here said so, but i didnt believe them until this month when i foudn them myself.

see this thread for some pics