Taiwan has signed two arms procurement contracts with the US

Really not understanding your logic here. Iraq was never an actual threat to the USA or the American way of life. OTOH you do realize that China, a nuclear equipped super power of 1.4 billion brainwashed citizenry raised to hate us, is regularly making incursions into Taiwanese airspace with bombers and that the CCP is routinely threatening to “reunify” with Taiwan by military force, right? This is an immediate and existential threat. You can say so-and-so is the “Taiwanese Hillary Clinton”, but frankly you sound like a Taiwanese Neville Chamberlain.


That’s not neoconservatism.

Also, Taiwan has plenty of cash.

I personally think the statement of “we are at war” seems a bit strong to be honest. Like for example.
take north and south korea, now that situation is what i’d refer to as hostile. Compare that to Taiwan and Chinas relationship and it seems vastly different. I often times see many Taiwanese who have worked in China, have businesses in China, or just travel to China to study.

I get where you are coming from though.

you ever been a public school? I think a good amount of them dont have air-conditioning.

Good deal, sound like very useful systems to defend against an invasion.

The point of counterstrike is to make it too costly for China to invade.


I don’t think they can accomplish that, but attacking invasion marshaling points for example or even having the capacity to could buy some extremely valuable time.

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The only difference between north and south korea, vs taiwan and china is the entire world supports china and not north korea. For whatever fucking moronic reason… in basic,obvious terms china and north korea are essentially not much different. As such, south korea are also not so different. Same shit, different smell. Like germany and england, new zealand and australia. Very much alike.

The only positive that china has over north korea is land mass…which has been used to oppress and rape resources. So, not a poaitive actually.

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credible deterrence. china has to know that war with taiwan won’t be limited to this island and the straight, there are military assets (command and control, airfields, offensive missile batteries, fuel reserves, armoires*, etc.) on the mainland that taiwan will want to destroy in order to defend themselves.

*edit: also, armouries, but that furniture has to go first!

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Don’t exaggerate- it’s four months. When my second son served, I asked him in what branch. Tanks? Infantry? He replied that they didn’t let them play with guns in case somebody got hurt. They just did running, unless it was raining, when they sat around the barracks and played with their cellphones.


Neville Chamberlain I always feel a bit sorry for. He did pose and say ‘peace in our time’ for the front pages. But he also immediately started building Hurricanes and Spitfires as fast as he could

You can’t outwalk a missile.

Nobody’s stupid enough to attack in the rain.

As far as YOU know, may have been a mass network CCP hack exercise.

All kidding aside, good stuff on the arms deals, ground soldiers don’t win wars anymore, not on the scale we’re talking.

If they are obsolete, how come it takes SIX years for delivery?

Need to find programmers to restart the cobol mainframe


Anyway, the HIMARS makes sense, as opposed to the tank buys.

China would quickly attain air superiority in the short term before the weight of US assets are brought to bear. In the meantime, a mobile artilleriy that can scoot out of tunnels to fire at the landing beaches and hide again could be decisive.

Even so, spending a fraction of this amount on much improved training and practice in the army would be a lot more effective. Lack of training and confidence has an effect on China’s mind games.

Ask the ones writing the posts, not me. I just point out that every purchase is met with disdain. Mmmm, just like the vaccines.

What I am constantly wondering about is, when would they shoot down an intruding plane from the other side? What is the line that cannot be crossed? Let’s say the Chinese fly right over Penghu. What then? “Hey, get lost!” “No, this is China!” Then what?

Taiwan needs to have its planes cross over to the Chinese side of the so called adiz

I doubt if they would even if it violated Taiwanese airspace (adiz is not airspace). They’d probably try to shoo it away but not publicly make a big deal.

It’s like back in the Cold War, the Swedish Navy tracked down a Soviet submarine in their waters. They announced it was an “unknown intruder”, played cat and mouse with it for a few days, then “lost” it- showing the Soviets what they could do, but saving the Russkis and themselves the embarrassment of a confrontation.
(Don Cherry, a loudmouth hockey announcer at that time, who missed the old Canadian style of slugging it out and despised all this fancy-schmancy European skating and passing that was being introduced into the NHL, said “the Russians probably just went into a corner- everybody knows a Swede will never go into a corner”.)


To anyone asking.why Taiwan might wish to acquire offensive oriented weapons. Please, first riddle me this. Why is china manufactiing mor nuclear weapons an not willing to cooperate with nuclear arms peace agreements?

These questions are confusing. Figuratively, hypothetically, realistically and logically…