Taiwan has signed two arms procurement contracts with the US

no strings, just a few strings.

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We are at war, with thousands of missiles pointed at us And that is why we are discussing whether or not the plane with the vaccines has a military escort…

Cue in posts saying Taiwan only buys obsolete military surplus from US in 3…2…1…


Both vaccine donation and arm deasl are logical fallout from the recent G7 policy inflection. There is no need for “strings”.

9.62B NT for two counter-strike missile systems. The missiles themselves cost 39B NT or $1.35B USD. When the national median income is about $14,000 USD, that’s a crazy amount of money that could be spent to help the Taiwan population.

I can’t foresee these becoming operational in 2027 before an invasion.

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Very unlikely (but not impossible) there will be an attempted takeover before 2027. Most analysts say if it happens it’ll probably be towards the end of the decade.

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An operational counterstrike system may make it harder to wait.

I’m surprised by the number of neocon views here that spending money on weapons are for the “good” of society.

But this isn’t military adventurism like the US invading Iraq. Taiwan faces an existential threat from China. Arming Taiwan isn’t a neoconservative pursuit; it’s an act of preservation.


Why will there be an invasion by 2027?

Haven’t noticed the peace and prosperity the world has gone through since the introduction of nuclear weapons?

Because not everyone has them. To make MAD work …. all countries need some.

No. That’s not the way MAD works. Regional powers only. Nukes in Japan would stop China’s aggression on a dime I’d say.


When your enemy is preparing for war and outspending on their military compared to almost every single country besides the US and says they are going to invade every other day…are we supposed to sing kumbaya?


A neoconservative pursuit would be attacking China and overthrowing the CCP, and making them hold elections.


Right now, being able to defend the island from a country saying they will take away the Taiwanese way of life is on the top of the list of important things to help the country.

If anything, Taiwan has been underfunding its military for far too long.


Defensive weapons is one thing, two counterstrike missile systems won’t even make a serious dent. These missile systems can be misconstrued as offensive weapons, something that might force confrontation.

Trying to arm up is crazy, given the asymmetry.

military service in taiwan is like 3 months…hard to really be war ready like that? no?

The existence of Taiwan is offensive to China in case you haven’t noticed. The existence of Taiwan is already something they want to go to war over.


A neocon would spend billions on weapons at the expense of social programs. Taiwan seems to have its own equivalent of Hillary Clinton.

Taiwan is at war. China would love for Taiwan to forget that and just walk over here.