Taiwan heat rash/skin rot?

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it??

I spent a long time the other day, during a race, sweating in the sun. In and out of the water. It appears that one of my race souvenirs is some type of a skin rash on my lower back. That area was covered up and stayed moist for the entire day. ((weird line space here that won’t delete))

I’ve had rashes before, but this one is kind of goofy. It is comprised of various individual bumps that are raised somewhat from the level for the skin. The bumps don’t seem to contain anything, but they seem to be producing some type of crystallization. Odd, don’t know what to call it. When I run my hand over the area, little dry beads flake off. Almost feels like tiny scabs or grains of salt. No fluid of any kind.

So, anyone know what this is, how to get it off? Am I going to be a lifeless, soul-less host for some alien organism soon? :shocker:

dermatologist, anyone?

one of them can likely tell you more than any of us here.

You need to smear the affected area with a mixture of molasses and honey. That way, they’ll be attracted to the surface rather than burrowing into the flesh when they hatch.

Sounds like nappy rash. Don’t know why you were wearing your nappies in the race. :loco: Next time change them quicker if you wet yourself.

babycenter.com/refcap/baby/b … 10881.html

[quote]Heat rash, also known as “prickly heat,” is an eruption of little bumps on the skin that can show up when your baby overheats. The bumps may appear red, especially in babies with light skin color. Although children of all ages can get it, heat rash is most common in babies.


I had the disposable nappies. No problem. Well, choosing from that wealth of info, having taken care of my share of stinkin’ baby butts, I’ll have to vote for the “honey and molasses” approach. :wink:

Surely a dermatologist would know more. I have some reason to believe that this particular ailment is something common here, and so it might have been seen/experienced by some of you. Maybe it’s time to head on over to those interesting little shops that sell miracle ointments made of taro roots, tiger paws, and bull testicles. That should do the trick!

i do find that using talcum powder around areas that tend to “rub” helps prevent heat rash, if that is what this is. i have no choice but to use it when it gets humid here …

Yeah, I get this too. It disappears (along with my constantly itching eyes) the minute I leave Taiwanese airspace. It comes back before I hit the highwway leading from the airport.

It started on the back of my knees, then to the front and elbow pits. Cortisone cream would clear it up if I remembered to apply it (soft brainism :loco: ). Now I have some on my chest and shoulders. And the cortisone cream seems to be keeping it at bay, but not healing it.

It is also starting to manifest itself more like really hard mosquito bites that don’t go away.

I am meltinnnng.

Race ya to the skin doc Seeker4.

how about trying to stay in an aircon room?

I second that. Johnson baby powder has lessened my problems considerably.


RichardM, move over! We’ve got another comedian!! That was very funny! :laughing:

This isn’t some kind of tiny heat rash thing. It’s a mega-bumpy, gnarly, strange rash. It came from hours in the hottest and wettest of conditions over the course of one day. I’ve heard that some women after giving birth here get this stuff. During their convalescence, for some bizarre traditional health reason related to their bones, they have to stay in a room with no fan or A/C and normally bed-ridden (especially if they delivered by C-section). If this happens in the late spring or summer, whamo! Super rash.