Taiwan History Center

Passed by this library today, don’t know if it’s well known or not but thought some of you might be interested. The name was 台灣史料中心, it was on Nanjing East Sec 3 215 11th floor. didn’t have time to go in.

I am doing research on Taiwan in the Pre-Jurassic period . . . . . and hope to write a screenplay based on my research for sale to a Hollywood film company, to be presented as a “pre-quel” to the Jurassic Park movie series, so I am wondering if this History Center has detailed information on the Pre-Jurassic period . . . . ?

If anyone could provide an answer, I would be appreciative. Perhaps the girls at the main counter might know. I am in Taidong this week doing an examination of local mating rituals, so I am spending a lot of time with peephole cameras and such . . . . so am unable to get to Nanjing East Road in Taipei right away.

That would be the “Triassic”.

Hope this information gets you laid more often than it did me.