Taiwan-Hong Kong record attempt Friday


World record breaking yachtie Ellen Macarthur is coming to Taiwan and is due to arrive at Bisha fishing harbour, just outside Jilong on Tuesday evening.

I don’t know if it’s possible to look around the boat, B&Q, but it should be an impressive sight to see. This is a 75-foot catamaran, one of the largest ever built. On Friday (lunchtime) the boat will head for Hong Kong with the intention of setting/breaking a record.

If anyone has, or knows of someone with, an inflatable dinghy with a powerful outboard that can help with pushing the catamaran around inside the harbour that would be much appreciated. The organisers don’t seem to have one.

That’s a nice looking boat.

They’re super fast - some times faster than the true wind speed - but any boat that is more stable upside-down with an escape hatch built into the bilge :noway: - there’s no way you’re gonna get me into one offshore.

Ellen’s somewhere a hundred miles offshore and won’t make dinner with the VIPs tonight.

Due to arrive in the morning, some time, and leave again on Friday. Probably.

Loretta wrote [quote]Due to arrive in the morning, some time, and leave again on Friday. Probably.[/quote]

Leave so soon! That’s what she thinks. She’s going to end up here in a deadend teaching job, hanging out with Canadian kindy teachers, posting on Forumosa and taking solace from the bottle. Jaded and her spirit broken, there’ll be no more yatching adventures (well, apart from the ocassional boat trip Visa Run to Hong Kong).

She might prefer to walk the plank than end up in such dire circumstances :smiling_imp:

She is better than us mere mortals. She’s got sponsorship.

Anyway, who would hire someone who talks nautical, aarggh!!?

Change of plan. They’re going to leave tonight.

Apparently there was someone from Hess patrolling the dock with a contract in their hand, so the crew decided to make a quick getaway. Or it might have something to do with the wind.

I would have thought the winter months would have been better for this? Not that I know one end of a boat from the other, but it is windier in winter, and consistently north…